Miracle No.1 (Yang)

Miracle No.2 (Yin)

Corresponding parts:

Ren and Du channels, brain, kidneys, vertebrate, joints

Regimen features:

The convergence of the heart and kidneys, the complementary feature of the water and fire. Mastering the skin, hair, and veins. Mastering the chest, marrow, abdomen, and gynecological regimens .



Miracle No.3 (Yang)

Miracle No.4 (Yin)

Corresponding parts:

Heart, brain, lungs, lymph

Regimen features:

Functions of heart, brain, and lungs, lymph, immunity, and endocrine.



Miracle No.5 (Yang)

Miracle No.6 (Yin)

Corresponding parts:

Vertebrate, brain, kidneys, joints, and throat.

Regimen features:

Vitalize the brain, throat and enhance functions of the kidneys and bronchus.



Miracle No.7 (Yang)

Miracle No.8 (Yin)

Corresponding parts:

Liver, gallbladder, spleen, and stomach

Regimen features:

Haematopoiesis, clear up vessels, the digestive system (liver, gallbladder, spleen, and stomach), gynecological regimens, and joint pains.