Our Products

Here at the Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Technology we have developed a variety of 100% natural body care products and apparatuses uniquely programmed with relevant Bio-Resonance frequencies specifically selected to offer gentle, non-invasive , and discreet support for a wide range of symptoms, conditions, and emotional support, or as a general aid to better well-being in our modern world. Through use of the products frequencies are gently emitted into the body providing a balancing and healing effect and are ideal for home and personal use - treatment made easy!

Our world-leading innovative design and high effectiveness Bioresonance healthcare products are including Infinity BioResonance Chip-Form Plates, BioResonance Apparatus of Blood Regimen, BioResonance Apparatus of the traditional Chinese 12 Meridians, Oriental 5-Element BioResonance Chips & Oils etc.


Auspicious Panel and Pyramid

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Quantum Information Essential Oil

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Quantum Information Chips 

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Music Albums

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Quantum Spectrum Resonator

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Lambdoma Intelligent Keyboard

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