Lambdoma Intelligent Keyboard

The Lambdoma Intelligent Keyboard combines the music frequency of cosmic life harmony, leading to unending growth and cycle of creatures.
Implement the personal curative music frequency, making your spirit and life harmonic and balanced.


Effects of Four Quadrant Music of Lambdoma:

1.Express emotion, release negative energies of subconscious, cleanse the spirit & reach the harmony.
2.Open the super consciousness of humanity, connect to the spiritual and cosmic source of higher dimension, and receive the messages of the cosmos.
3.Purify the space, create the environmental magnetic field of positive energy ecology & advance the life energy of all things.

Design of Lambdoma Keyboard:

1.Presented as 16×16 matrix in rhombus; 256 keys are controlled by computer program.
2.Composed of interactive keys with basic frequency, it can generate the harmonic vibration of harmonic sound and sub-harmonic sound, interpreting the frequencies of all things.
3.Express the natural harmonic frequency of big cosmos and small cosmos, reach the balance & combine the ancient civilizations of the west, the 64 trigrams of eastern I-Ching, and the ultimate wisdom of alien civilization.

Characteristics of Lambdoma Keyboard:

1.Connect the body, substance, spirit & soul by music & reveal the mysterious of cosmos & human wisdom.
2.Present the harmonic ratio of wisdom, cosmos & earth of ancient civilizations from cross-field research.
3.Release stuck emotions and discomfort & launch the mission of soul through four quadrant music, solving the problems of humanity.


Big – Lambdoma Intelligent Keyboard (256 Keys)

Size: 80cm×41cm×4cm
Appearance: Include four quadrants (emotional/spiritual/physical/mysterious
sound); each quadrant consists of 64 keys in rhombus matrix, with
256 keys in total.
Characteristics: Fast connect the big cosmos (star code) and small cosmos & achieve the overall cleansing of body, spirit, and soul.

Wisdoms accumulated in this life can be opened up during playing.


Small – Lambdoma Intelligent Keyboard (64 Keys)

Size: 45cm×25cm×4cm
Appearance: Include one quadrant; it consists of 64 keys in rhombus matrix;
selecting other quadrants by shifting. Characteristics: Select and play the quadrant depending on requirements, reaching the balance of body and spirit.
Apply to: Those whose expertise is psychological consulting, therapy of body, spirit, and soul, and educationists as well as those who are interested.