About Us

         The Law of Nature states that everything is vibrating with its frequency form and the principle of harmony is to balance the universe. Nowadays, the current vigorous development of 5G and AI technologies has accelerated the function of information transmission. It has influenced the harmonic balance of the macro-cosmos as well as disasters from the heaven and the earth, greenhouse effect, environmental pollution, the harmful electromagnetic waves, and radiation wave, which has significantly threatened the living environment and health of humanity. Preventing the crisis of deterioration of the global environment is the mission of “Lambdoma Intelligent Medicine.”

         “Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Tech. Ltd.” formerly known as “Sweking Medical Co., Ltd.” and “Medical Resonance Tech. Co., Ltd.”, was founded by Professor Hsieh, Ju-Kuang in 1984. For more than 30 years, the company has dedicated itself to the promotion and education of “Cosmos-Nature Harmonic Melody – Microcosmos Music Therapy,” superconsciousness development, and exploration of universal life information.

         Since the introduction of "Lanbdoma Intelligent Keyboard" in 2011, the company has devoted to product development in the fields of " Precision Medicine, Frequency Medicine, Core Medicine." The company also participates actively in innovating development and R&D to create a sustainable operation corporate culture.

        To put the concept of “Enhancing Environment Quality by Cosmos-Nature Harmonic Melody” into practice, the founder, Professor Hsieh, integrates “International Lambdoma Academy,” “Institute of British Micromusic,” and “Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Technology Co., Ltd.” into the system of “Lambdoma Intelligent Medicine.” It includes the four core fields of “Product development and promotion,” “Teacher Training,” “Industrial Development,” and “Empirical Research.”